Progress Pellet Mill

PTN’s pellet mill, a highly stable, robust and sophisticated pellet mill. More than 40 years of experience in development, engineering, and production ensures quality and continuity. The partially patented innovations offer a unique price/performance ratio.

A technological concept ensures an even distribution of the enormous mechanical forces on the heavy bearings of the solid main shaft and intermediate shafts. The stepped transmission via V-belts and timing belts permit the application of higher motor powers. Combined with the refined transmission, the robust frame guarantees a stable and vibration-free pellet mill during production.

Features Pellet Mill

  • Robust construction with integrated base plate.
  • Double-walled door, dust plate and quick-dump chute in stainless steel.
  • Solid main shaft with heavy duty spherical roller bearings.
  • Conical die holder and cast-iron pulley.
  • Two-stage transmission via V-belts to intermediate shafts and HTD timing belts to main shaft.
  • Die speed variable from 4,5 to maximum 8,0 m/s.
  • Speed sensor.
  • Available with two or three rollers.
  • Eccentric roller shafts.
  • Manual or remote roller adjustment.
  • Cutting knife, fixed on press frame.
  • Central greasing system with infrared sensor.
  • Shearpin protection at the rear.
  • Door and side covers with safety switch.
  • Hoisting facility for replacing die and rollers.


  • Very stable, vibration-free and near-silent pellet mill.
  • Large die surface area and roller diameter.
  • Large motor powers.
  • Variable die speed.
  • Suitable as two- or three-roller pellet mill.
  • Longer lifetime of die and rollers.
  • Conical die fitting.
  • Central greasing system.
  • Longer lifetime of main shaft bearings.
  • Integrated pneumatic quick-dump chute.
  • Cutting knife, fixed on press frame.
  • Integrated hoist facility.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Simple design.
  • Central electrical connection box.

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Dependent on the type of the Pellet Mill several options are available.

  • Remote roller adjustment (ARA). Increases the efficiency and simplifies the adjustment of the rollers during production. No critical components in pellet chamber.
  • Quick die change system (QDC).* Improves efficiency by shortening die replacement time to approx. 15 min.
  • Roller Traction Control (RTC). Optimum non-slip adjustment of rollers during production. Extends the lifetime of dies and roller shells and increases the production efficiency.

Other options:

  • Roller head with 3 rollers*.
  • Forced feeder.
  • Turning device (for slowly turning the die to  the left or to the right)*.
  • Heated door/ feeding chute.

* This option is not available on all models

Range of Progress pellet mills

TypeMainmotor (kW max.)Number of rollers Diameter rollers (mm)Die dimensionsWeight (incl. motors) (kg)
Internal (mm)Width (mm)Area (cm²)