Retention Time Barrel (RTB)

After the homogeneous mixing of steam in a conditioner, the product remains, during a preset length of time, in this heated and insulated retention time barrel. After the retention time barrel, the product can be further treated in a pellet mill, extruder or meal cooler. The thermal treatment of the product results in an easier operation in the pellet mill, which simultaneously results in an improved pellet quality.


  • All components that come into contact with the product are from AISI 304.
  • Solid shaft with large flight and inclined pitch.
  • Stuffing box sealings on shaft.
  • Direct drive or timing belt transmission, depending on the type of RTB.
  • Suitable for frequency control.
  • Large inspection doors with safety switch.
  • Temperature sensor PT 100.
  • Insulated with rock-wool.
  • Electric heating system with adjustable thermostat 30-110 °C.


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  • Guaranteed first-in/first-out of the mixture in the retention time barrel.
  • Up to 15% increase of pelleting capacity, due to higher temperature and improved absorption of steam.
  • Product is kept at required temperature.
  • Minimal formation of condensation.
  • Reduced growth of bacteria.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Simple design.

Range of Time Retentions Barrels

TypeCapacity(tph)Motor Power (KW)

* With a retention time of 240 seconds