Pellet Mill Progress 350

The Pellet Mill Progress 350 is together with the Progress 450 the smaller pellet mill in the Progress series. Also to the Progress 350 PTN has given much attention to details, resulting in an extremely stable and robust pellet mill.

Specification Pellet Mill Progress 350

  • 3-roller pellet mill, manually operated with manual roller adjustment system.
  • Robust, press frame with integrated base plate in mild steel.
  • Single walled door and feeding chute in AISI 304.
  • Solid main shaft with SKF spherical roller bearings.
  • Die rotor and large pulley in cast iron.
  • Die holder for die with cylindrical fit.
  • Fixed die speed: 6,2 m/sec.
  • Eccentric roller shafts.
  • Driven by electric motor, 1.500 rpm.
  • Motor power min. 22 kW, max. 75 kW.
  • V belt transmission.
  • Manual greasing of main bearings at the back side and rollers at the front side.
  • Shearpin security at the back for protection of the rollerhead and drive.
  • 1 manual adjustable cutting knife.
  • Pellet mill door and side covers with safety switch.


  • Very stable and vibration-free pellet mill.
  • Long lifetime of die and rollers.
  • Long lifetime of main shaft bearings.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Simple design.

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  • Central lubrication system for the main bearing.
  • 2nd manual adjustable cutting knife.

Table Pellet Mill Progress 350

Type Main motor (max. kW) Number of rollers Diameter rollers (mm) Die dimensions Gewicht incl. motor (kg)
Internal (mm)  Width (mm)  Area (cm2)
350 x 76 1 x 75 3 162 354 76 835 3900