Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. A nice mantra from the early 70s which is still a very important topic in terms of global sustainability.

Most of our waste can nowadays be recycled and reused. An effective way in the recycling process is to pelletize the waste materials. The pelleted waste material can be used as a source for the biomass energy industry. For example pelleted wood, paper, sewage sludge, straw, etc.

It also can be used in the production of new products. Think of plastics, compost, chemicals and many other products.

Besides the environmentally friendly part of pelletizing waste, there are many other benefits such as:

  • Creation of more storage capacity
  • Reduction of transport cost
  • Higher bulk density

Pelleting Technology Netherlands and Recycling

With our years of experience in pelletizing technology, we can provide you with the best advice how to pelletize your residual flow, semi-finished product, wood or other biomass.

Pelleting Technology Netherlands produces a wide range of pellet mills and related machines, for the production of pellets and Fluff from residual flows such as RDF, SRF, paper rejects, wood and other biomass.