Counterflow meal cooler

The PTN counterflow meal cooler is used for cooling of team conditioned mash feed to nearly ambient temperature. By drawing air through a product layer the product is cooled.


Meal cooler

Warm meal is continuously fed into the top cooling bin through the inlet valve. By drawing air through two fluidized product layers of which both are discharging  in a batch cycle, the product is cooled. In the top cooling bin the product is distributed by a rotating distributor with rake, in the lower cooling bin the product is distributed by a rotating rake. Discharging of the cooled product into the lower cooling bin and from the lower cooling bin into the outlet hopper is ensured by 2 swivel valve dischargers.


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  • cooling of steam conditioned mash feed



  • perfect cooling of the product
  • smooth discharging of cooled product into the lower cooling bin and into the outlet hopper
  • total emptying at the end of a run
  • bevelled corners in the outlet hopper to prevent product to pile up
  • can easily be converted to cool both meal and pellets