Feeder Screw

To achieve an optimum result during the production of pellets it is necessary for the raw materials to be dosed adequately and evenly. For this reason, PTN has developed its own feed systems ( feeder screw ).

The details make the difference in this feeder screw manufactured entirely from stainless steel. The geometry of the shaft flight guarantees a uniform product flow. For use as dosing and conveyor screw for meal and granulates.

Features Feeder Screw

  • All the components that come into contact with the product are manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Solid screw shaft with flight with inclined pitch.
  • Closed shaft bearings outside the housing.
  • Gear motor with direct shaft coupling on the construction.
  • Suitable for frequency control. Frequency converter not included.
  • Product detector at outlet.
  • Overflow detector at outlet.


  • A guaranteed uniform product flow.
  • Robust construction of the housing.
  • Longer maintenance intervals.
  • Simple design

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Heated feeder screw

Additional technical specifications for the standard feeder screw:

  • Electrical heating system with adjustable thermostat 30°-110° C.
  • Insulated with rock wool (prevents condensation + cooling).
  • Finished with aluminum scaled sheet.
  • Compression packing on propeller shaft.
  • Propeller shaft bearings on spacers.


Range of Feeder screw

Typ Capacity (Tons/hr) Motorpower (kW)
180 x 1000 Max. 8 1,5
250 x 1350 Max. 18 2,2
300 x 1500 Max. 30 3

Other dimensions available on request.