Remote Roller Adjustment (ARA)

PTN’s patented Pellet Mill Remote Roller Adjustment, in which hydraulic precision is combined with mechanical stability, increases the efficiency and simplifies the adjustment of the rollers during production. The eccentric roller shafts, in combination with the remote roller adjustment, extend the lifetime of dies and roller shells by up to 15%.

Features Remote Roller Adjustment

  • Larger adjustment range of rollers.
  • Patented hydraulic/mechanical roller adjustment system with adjusting shaft through main shaft.
  • Cam disc on adjusting shaft on front side.
  • Hydraulic unit.
  • Analogue measuring system, read-out accurate to 0,1 mm.
  • Additional double shearpin protection on adjusting shaft.

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  • Improved production efficiency.
  • No critical components in pellet chamber.
  • Longer lifetime of dies and roller shells.
  • Adjustment of rollers during production.
  • Rollers always in same position.
  • Accurate read-out
  • Easy restart.