Twin Conditioner

The details in development and engineering make the difference in this Twin Conditioner. Generously sized paddles, adjustable in both height and pitch, create a homogeneous mixture and a hygienic process.

Features Twin Conditioner

  • 2 conditioners placed on top of each other.  Each mixer housing in AISI 304, base plate construction in heavy duty steel.
  • Solid mixer shafts in AISI 304 with interchangeable paddles, adjustable in both height and pitch.
  • Paddle holders in AISI 304, paddles in Hardox.
  • Built-in scrapers at endplates.
  • Stuffing box sealings on mixer shafts.
  • Closed shaft bearings on spacers outside the housings.
  • Each mixer shaft directly driven by gear motor. Suitable for frequency control. (Frequency converters not included.)
  • Large inspection doors with safety switch.
  • 2x temperature sensor PT 100.
  • Top mixer housing with 1 steam inlet 3” and 2 liquid inlets 1½”.
  • Electric heat tracing system, insulated with rock-wool (optional).

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  • A doubling of the retention time of the product inside the conditioner in comparison with a single conditioner.
  • Homogeneous mixing and hygienic process.
  • Optimum absorption of steam and liquids.
  • Robust construction of the housing.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Longer maintenance intervals.
  • Simple design.

Range of Twin Conditioner

Type Capacity (t/h) Motorpower (kW)
450 X 2000 15 2 x 9.2
500 x 2500 20 2 x 11
700 x 3000 30 2 x 18.5