Interview with Niels Voets

PTN newsletter October 2021

Niels, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Niels Voets and since May 2016 I have worked as an Area Sales Manager at Pelleting Technology Netherlands (PTN).  I was educated in marketing, and then I studied business administration. Nevertheless, I’ve worked in technology-driven organizations for years; where people often have the passion to deliver the best piece of technology. Quality thinking appeals to me. In my spare time I also like to learn new things.

How do you feel about working at PTN?

PTN as a company really appeals to me. The pursuit of good quality products is very clear here.  Within PTN there is a friendly working environment where the customer comes first. We have a long-standing and lasting relationship with our customers. PTN employees feel closely involved with the organization and our customers. Cooperation and development are very important at PTN.

I am especially pleased when a new customer chooses us. I like the feeling of having been able to convey our quality; and that customers feel the confidence to cooperate with us on a project. I then make sure internally that everyone does everything they can to deliver as best and as quickly as possible.

What does PTN stand for?

Pelleting Technology Netherlands is the specialist in pelleting equipment. Our technical knowledge has been built up through years of cooperation with our customers. We help them produce in a responsible, safe, sustainable and efficient way. And we strive to continuously make our products and services even better by listening carefully – because details are important. In this way we continue to build on the reliability of our machines and services.

What developments are PTN currently working on?

Achieving more efficient and energy-efficient processes is a major theme for many customers. The market requires an OEM to think along with us in this. Think of energy savings, maintenance-friendly machines with a low total cost of ownership and maximization of output. PTN responds to the need for energy savings through, for example, the recently developed High Efficiency machine line. This line consists of the Rollermill HE, Crumbler HE and the MonoRoll HE.  The MonoRoll is a real innovation!

We work on preventive maintenance, which contributes to the reliability of the machines and a reduction in production costs. We also work with our sister companies of the Triott Group on the collection and analysis of data, so that we can offer customers more factual insights. We do everything to ensure a sustainable and effective product.

What makes PTN’s services/machines so unique and why should a customer choose PTN?

We are real pelleting technology specialists, whether it concerns the maintenance of machines; advising on machine selection; or optimizing the production line. We are flexible and solution-oriented, not only directly but also indirectly – through an extensive network of resellers as well as the Triott Group.

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