We design and build our installations to meet specific customer needs, according to the latest standards of safety, quality, and reliability. The best solutions are the result of intensive cooperation with our partners and clients.

On this page you will find a selection of our partners.

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CustomerType machineCountry
ABZ DiervoedingBOA compactorNetherlands
Agrotechnology ApSFeeder ScrewDenmark
Agrotechnology ApSCrumbler HE-serieDenmark
AgruniekRijnvallei Voer B.V.Feeder ScrewNetherlands
Awila Anlagenbau GmbHFeeder ScrewGermany
Awila Anlagenbau GmbHProgress Pellet MillGermany
B.O.C.M. Pauls LimitedBOA compactorUnited Kingdom
B.O.C.M. Pauls LimitedBOA compactorUnited Kingdom
BIO Eichenmühle GmbH & Co. KGCrumbler HE-serieGermany
Bosz-Bio-Energie GmbHFeeder ScrewGermany
Buttimer Polska Sp. z o.o.Feeder ScrewPoland
Chamaneh CoCrumbler HE-serieHungary
Connacht Gold MillBOA compactorIreland
Corby Rock Mill Ltd.Feeder ScrewIreland
Crocus I/SBOA compactorDenmark
D.L.G. Fabrik ÅrhusProgress Pellet MillDenmark
DanMek ASFeeder ScrewSweden
Davidson Brothers (Shotts) Ltd.BOA compactorUnited Kingdom
Davidson Brothers (Shotts) Ltd.Progress Pellet MillUnited Kingdom
De HeusBOA compactorNetherlands
De HeusCrumbler HE-serieNetherlands
De Hoop MengvoedersBOA compactorNetherlands
De SamenwerkingBOA compactorNetherlands
Digimatic N.V.Progress Pellet MillBelgium
Digimatic N.V.Crumbler HE-serieBelgium
Digimatic N.V.Progress Pellet MillBelgium
E.J. Bos MengvoedersBOA compactorNetherlands
Feedtech Makina Sanayi Ltd. Sti.BOA compactorTurkey
Ferraroni S.P.A.Feeder ScrewItaly
FGL Fürstenwalder FuttermittelBOA compactorGermany
Fiska Mølle, KristiansandFeeder ScrewNorway
Fixkraft-Futtermittel GmbHFeeder ScrewGermany
Fixkraft-Futtermittel GmbHBOA compactorAustria
Flisa Mølle og Kornsilo ASFeeder ScrewNorway
Forez PiscinesProgress Pellet MillFrance
Gebrs. Fuite B.V.Crumbler HE-serieNetherlands
Glanbia AgribusinessFeeder ScrewIreland
Glanbia AgribusinessBOA compactorIreland
GS agri eG LandwirtschaftBOA compactorGermany
GST Recycling bvbaProgress Pellet MillNetherlands
HaBeMa Futtermittel GmbH & Co KGCrumbler HE-serieGermany
HaGe Produktions GmbHFeeder ScrewGermany
HaGe Produktions GmbHBOA compactorUnited Kingdom
Harbro Ltd.BOA compactorUnited Kingdom
Havens VoedersBOA compactorNetherlands
Heemhorst International B.V.Progress Pellet MillNetherlands
Henkton Holding B.V.Feeder ScrewNetherlands
Henkton Holding B.V.Progress Pellet MillNetherlands
HUDO Werk Itzehoe GmbHCrumbler HE-serieGermany
IKO Kompania DrobiarskaFeeder ScrewPoland
J.B. MollerBOA compactorDenmark
John Thompson & Sons Ltd.BOA compactorUnited Kingdom
Lantmännen Ek. För.Progress Pellet MillSweden
Liffey MillsFeeder ScrewIreland
LiflandFeeder ScrewIceland
M A Nentzelsrode Remondis NordBOA compactorGermany
MDM sarl FranceProgress Pellet MillFrance
Millson Engineering Ltd.BOA compactorUnited Kingdom
MMW Technologie GmbHFeeder ScrewGermany
MöhlenkampRetention Time Barrel (RTB)Germany
Norgesfor LundamoProgress Pellet MillNorway
Ottevanger Milling EngineersBOA compactorNetherlands
Ottevanger Milling EngineersCrumbler HE-serieNetherlands
Ottevanger Milling EngineersCrumbler HE-serieNetherlands
Pro Agri PerlFeeder ScrewGermany
Raiffeisen Westmünsterland eGCrumbler HE-serieGermany
Raiffeissen im Stiftland eGProgress Pellet MillGermany
RCE GmbHProgress Pellet MillGermany
Roche’s FeedsBOA compactorIreland
Rouwmaat Groep GroenloProgress Pellet MillNetherlands
S.A.S. Rene ToyProgress Pellet MillFrance
SCAR Rivière du LoupProgress Pellet MillFrance
Siglmühle GmbHBOA compactorAustria
Silver Hill FoodsFeeder ScrewIreland
Silver Hill FoodsProgress Pellet MillIreland
Strand Unikorn A.S.Feeder ScrewNorway
Svenska Foder AB, Region VästFeeder ScrewSweden
T.S. CorporationBOA compactorNetherlands
Th. Feyen & ZnFeeder ScrewNetherlands
Th. Feyen & ZnBOA compactorNetherlands
Tritec GmbHCrumbler HE-serieGermany
Una-Hakra Haseatische Kraf GmbHCrumbler HE-serieGermany
V.A.R. B.V.Progress Pellet MillNetherlands
Van Dijck TilburgCrumbler HE-serieNetherlands
Van Opstal MachineryProgress Pellet MillBelgium
Veldman Techniek B.V.Crumbler HE-serieNetherlands
Vinstra NorgesfôrProgress Pellet MillNorway
Wynstay FarmersBOA compactorUnited Kingdom
Zuid – Oost SallandProgress Pellet MillNetherlands
ZZN PelhrimovCrumbler HE-serieCzech Republic


CustomerType machineCountry
Dalein Agriplan (Pty) Ltd.Feeder ScrewSouth Africa
Dalein Agriplan (Pty) Ltd.BOA compactorSouth Africa
Dalein Agriplan (Pty) Ltd.Progress Pellet MillSouth Africa
Livestock Feed Ltd.Feeder ScrewMadagascar


CustomerType machineCountry
De Heus LLC VietnamFeeder ScrewVietnam
Pars Tamin Iman CoProgress Pellet MillIran
Pegah Jahan Nama Co.Progress Pellet MillIran
Pegah Jahan Nama Co.Feeder ScrewIran
Pegah Jahan Nama Co.Crumbler HE-serieIran
Sanyo Trading Co. Ltd.BOA compactorJapan
Tavoni Keshavarzi MorghdaranFeeder ScrewIran
Vimala Feeds Pvt. Ltd.Progress Pellet MillIndia
Voshmgire GonbadProgress Pellet MillIran


CustomerType machineCountry
Deusa International GmbHProgress Pellet MillGermany

North America

CustomerType machineCountry
E.S.E. Inc.Feeder ScrewUnited States of America
Meunerie Benjamin Inc.Progress Pellet MillCanada