In response to customer demand, the Triott Group is to launch a two-part Feed Forward Conditioning Special next month – the first of which focuses on demistifying the steam dosing process.

The two-part special promises to be the most comprehensive Feed Forward production yet, walking viewers through the entire conditioning process: from the boilerhouse, to the steam dosing unit, to the conditioning operation, to the expander, to the pellet line.

Both episodes of the Conditioning Special webazine will be livestreamed by Dutch feed & food production technology specialist, The Triott Group – and hosted by IVS, Almex and PTN, all Triott companies.

Watch part 1 live on May 11

Part 1, entitled, ‘It all starts with steam’, drops at 11am CET on 11 May and focuses on the importance of super-heated, dry steam to the conditioning process. Viewers will learn how good quality steam can solve a variety of problems in the feed mill: from poor pellet quality, to production breakdowns and bottlenecks, to reduced capacity. The IVS Steam Team will answer viewers’ questions and demonstrate how the unit works; while a leading customer will share their own insights and experiences.

With a broadcast date of June 15 at 11am CET, part 2 of the Conditioning Special picks up the story by outlining the real purpose of conditioning; the factors for success, and the variables that feed mills need to consider. It will then guide viewers through the entire conditioning process in a simple, practical way, explaining when and how to use different conditioning equipment and set-ups.

“Increasingly, we see feed mill customers grappling with the challenges of choosing the right conditioning system and asking us questions about how to make the right choice,” says Erik Ottevanger, Triott Director. “Despite the critical role of both the conditioning and steam dosing processes in the feed mill, it’s clear that some mystery remains – for good reason. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution; the variables are often very complex; and there is a wide choice of different systems available. With this 2-part special, we want to open up the ‘black box’ of conditioning and give our viewers a practical insight into how they can unlock more value from the entire process.”

Contents for Part 1 of the special, ‘It all starts with steam’ includes:

  • An in-depth look at how and why the steam dosing is so essential to the overall conditioning process and the typical benefits it can provide.
  • Independent sight from Mr Jan Grohn, Production Manager at leading German feed manufacturer, AgriV, who explains how aspects of their operation have been improved through better quality steam.
  • An overview of the bigger picture from conditioning specialist PTN, covering the fundamental factors that need to be considered.
  • A demonstration of how the steam dosing unit works – and how the IVS system is able to achieve consistently high performance – from technical director and IVS ‘Steam Doctor’, Hans den Otter.

“Here at IVS we have spent 30 years understanding steam, so we’re delighted to have this opportunity to share this expertise with Feed Forward viewers,” said Managing Director of IVS, Frank Dielissen. “Steam holds the key to boosting the quality & quantity of every process in compound feed and pet food. It really does ‘all start with steam’ – and we are looking forward to explaining how and why in a practical way.”

As with previous episodes, viewers will be able to submit questions and comments throughout the broadcast via livestream – which the team will answer during or after the transmission, either directly or via social media.

  • Part 1 of the Feed Forward Conditioning Special will be livestreamed at 11am CET on May 11.
  • Part 2 will be livestreamed at 11am CET on June 15.