MonoRoll HE: the pellet mill that saves you money, energy & effort

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When it comes to producing a quality, cost-efficient product, the pellet mill is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the entire feed mill. It’s also one of the most labor-intensive and energy hungry machines (did you know that pelleting accounts for 65% of the entire energy used in the compound feed production process?).

We know that balancing these different factors is a major challenge for customers: which is why we developed the MonoRoll HE – a next-generation, single-roller pellet mill that delivers a win-win-win for your operation.

The MonoRoll HE:

Boosts your profitability: with the potential to save € 30,000 per year, per pellet mill – depending on operational needs, formulation, set-up and local environment.

Increase your ROI by creating more output with the same manpower, resulting in greater revenues; or alternatively, achieve equal output with less manpower.

Cuts your energy use by delivering a 25% increase in energy efficiency versus conventional pellet mills. In a field test, the specialist Dutch feed consultancy Zetadec found that the MonoRoll HE consumes 3 kWh per tonne of feed less energy than a two-roll press.

Minimizes manpower and downtime: thanks to a single roller that works at a lower RPM, with less noise and vibration, extending tool life of the mold and roller by 2-3 times. Furthermore, there’s less potential for roller slip – which all adds up to less maintenance, repair and operator intervention.

Ready to get rolling?

The MonoRoll HE is the only single-roller pellet mill on the market today and has been put through its paces over the past two years by three different PTN partners, under the supervision of the IFF institute in Germany and the aforementioned Zetadec in the Netherlands – via 230-plus separate tests.

Sound intriguing? If so, get in touch with us to:

  • Get an instant calculation of the potential savings you could make across your operation.
  • Make an appointment to see the MonoRoll HE in action, first-hand.
  • Read our full case study on this technology.

Let’s roll!