FeedForward conditioning special part 2: ‘The guide to great conditioning’

Following the first episode ‘It all starts with steam’ ( rewatch the episode here)  which focused on the importance of overheated dry steam to pellet quality, you can now watch part two of the Feed Forward  Conditioning Special. This second episode picks up the story by moving to the conditioning process itself. 

The episode features a unique visual walkthrough of the entire conditioning process. Viewers will learn how to unlock greater value from their conditioning process with the ultimate goal of producing the highest-quality product at the optimum price/capacity. Our experts give an overview of the four critical factors needed to achieve optimal conditioning (heat, moisture, retention time and mechanical pressure). Furthermore we explain how to balance these considerations based on the end goal of the feed mill – from pellet quality and pellet press productivity to optimal nutrition and hygienization.

Rewatch Part II of our Condition Special: ‘The guide to great conditioning’. In the Digest we are sharing the most important outcomes with you, which you can download here.

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