Double Decks Coolers

As single deck cooler, but in addition; An intermediate deck and the second bin. In normal operation, the intermediate deck is open, while the cooler is working like the single deck version.

On product change-over, the intermediate deck is closed, just before the new product enters the cooler. It is then temporarily held on the intermediate deck, while the previous product completes its cooling cycle in the main lower bin. Both products are being cooled at the same time. As soon as the main lower bin is empty, the intermediate deck opens fully, dropping all product in the main lower bin. It now remains open until the next product change.


  • Cooling of feed pellets, wood pellets, pulp pellets, expandate, full fat soya, etc.


  • As single deck cooler, but in addition;
  • Enables fast change-over between different production runs.
  • No need to wait for the cooler to be empty before a new product can be introduced into the cooler.

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