(Re)introducing the Triott Group

Dutch feed & food specialist officially consolidates its family of
complementary businesses and production technologies

In response to increasing demand from a fast-evolving global feed and food production
industry, the Dutch-headquartered Triott Group announced its formal consolidation today
with the launch of www.triottgroup.com.

The Triott Group comprises eight complementary companies serving the global feed and
food industry – including milling engineers Ottevanger and the process control & automation
specialist Inteqnion. By working together even more closely and seamlessly under the Triott
umbrella the group plans to better meet both the current and future needs of the food and
feed industry, but also emerging new industries in the burgeoning bio-economy.

Said Ernst-Jan Ottevanger, Triott Director: “While people may have heard the name Triott, it
has never really been formalized or ‘announced’, rather we’ve grown organically over time.” He
continued, “Over the past year in particular, we’ve seen a growing trend across the industry for
a more joined-up approach to production technology based on a total, integrated solution.
This is precisely what Triott already provides today. But we now intend to extend this even
further in the future – because our company is way more than the sum of its parts.”

Triott is a 110-year-old, family-run (privately held) business that comprises: Ottevanger
(milling engineers); Inteqnion (process improvers); PTN (Pelleting Technology Netherlands); PCE (Pelleting Consumables Europe); ALMEX (extrusion technologies); Wynveen (milling and
mixing specialist); IVS (dosing technology specialists) and TSC (Top Silo Constructions).

Together they have the capability to provide all (or any) elements of a turnkey milling solution,
from storage, handling, dosing, milling & mixing solution to pelleting extrusion and complete
plant management. However, these technologies – and the expertise behind them – is
increasingly being applied to the global food industry; as well as the bio-based economy, for
example by adapting pelleting techniques for the biomass sector.

René Ottevanger, Triott Director said: “We are seeing increasing opportunities to apply our
knowhow in specialist areas like the global feed & cereal processing industry. In fact, at Triott
we see our role as not only delivering production technology solutions, but also helping
customers deal with change: such as how do we feed a planet of 9 billion people by 2050 and
how we do this sustainably and responsibly.”

Erik Ottevanger, Triott Director concluded: “We’re a century-plus old company that has learned
to change and adapt over four generations. This latest announcement is another step in that
evolution. Our business was built on Dutch technology and long-lasting craftsmanship, care
and consistency – and as we look ahead to the future, I can promise that this is one thing will
never change here.”